Unique Corporate Gifts

Corporate Snobs has spun the globe in search of functional and unique corporate gift ideas that any professional or executive could deem necessary to carry out her daily routine. Our unique promotional items can be enhanced with company logos or personalized with a name. From clocks, to business card cases, to bookends our more...
Storybook - Classic (One Decanter and 2 Duble Old Fashioned Glasses ) {SBC513}
As low as: 102.50
Storybook - Classic (Set of 2 Champagne Flute Glasses) {SBC162}
As low as: 64.00
Storybook - Classic (Set of 2 Wine Glasses) {SBC152}
As low as: 64.00
Storybook - Classic (4 Double Old Fashioned Glasses) {SBC124}
As low as: 78.00
Storybook - Classic (2 Double Old Fashioned Glasses) {SBC122}
As low as: 61.00
Storybook - Classic (Set of 2 Coffee Mugs) {SBC212}
As low as: 66.00
Storybook - Deluxe {SBD124}
As low as: 102.20
Fred & friends 500XL earbuds {FF-HP1300}
As low as: 49.43
Fred & friends equal measure {FF-MC1505}
As low as: 14.02
Fred & friends fill 'Er up bank {FF-VB1100}
As low as: 15.65
Fred & friends foot in the door - Red {FF-DS1700R}
As low as: 10.64
Fred & friends M-cups {FF-MC1500}
As low as: 12.68
Fred & friends pizza boss 3000 {FF-PC1600}
As low as: 14.88
Fred & friends uncapped {FF-PC200}
As low as: 15.76
Fred & friends weinestein wine glass {FF-GW1400}
As low as: 20.27
Kikkerland beautiful earth globe - Blue {K-GB01S}
As low as: 41.55
Kikkerland black ocean globe - Black {K-GB02S}
As low as: 41.55
Kikkerland grass charging station - Black {K-CS08B}
As low as: 26.60
Kikkerland hourglass desk clock {K-C1703}
As low as: 41.62
Kikkerland Hub man {K-US006}
As low as: 13.47
Kikkerland Pushing men bookends {K-BE01P}
As low as: 38.40
Kikkerland universal travel adapter {K-UA03}
As low as: 12.74
HighWave Australian beer glass {HW-GW1610}
As low as: 15.15
HighWave brewfish Javaa glass {HW-GW3000}
As low as: 25.56
HighWave brewfish javaale glass {HW-GW4000}
As low as: 27.23
HighWave Javaa glass {HW-GW1000}
As low as: 12.50
HighWave motor memo mug {HW-MG1600}
As low as: 15.31
HighWave Vinogloww wine glass {HW-GW0820}
As low as: 11.56
Cutting edge letter opener {IMC-LOP74AL}
As low as: 8.53
As low as: 4.10
As low as: 13.37
MoMA airplane ruler paperweight {M-P798}
As low as: 13.45
As low as: 27.78
MoMA click ball perpetual calendar {M-CL81}
MoMA coasters {M-CO2651}
As low as: 30.58
MoMA Compact Digital Scale {M-PS1004}
As low as: 28.60
As low as: 7.23
MoMA Dot Pen {M-W216}
As low as: 11.00
MoMA double sided photo cube paperweight {M-F993}
As low as: 31.83
MoMA Elements Ballpoint Pen {M-W4801}
As low as: 10.83
MoMA Elements Rollerball Pen {M-W141}
As low as: 11.58
MoMA fold-up bag
As low as: 5.96
MoMA I Am Not a paper cup {M-DW1408}
As low as: 18.77
MoMA legal paperweight {M-P3852}
As low as: 27.78
As low as: 10.83
MoMA Magnetic Keyholder {M-K833}
As low as: 5.87
MoMA magnetic perpetual calendar - Red {M-CL133}
MoMA magnetic perpetual calendar - Silver {M-CL322}
MoMA mini acrylic perpetual calendar
MoMA mini magnetic perpetual calendar - Orange {M-CL677O}
As low as: 35.98
MoMA page 1 magnifier paperweight {M-P493}
As low as: 29.04
MoMA photo dome paperweight {M-F301}
As low as: 21.15
MoMA Pull & Twist Keyring {M-K1050}
As low as: 7.42
MoMA Pull Down Keyholder - Black {M-K278B}
As low as: 5.08
MoMA rubber X-bands {M-R529}
As low as: 5.58
MoMA Spring Pen {M-W3452}
As low as: 6.77
As low as: 18.78
MoMA timesphere clock {M-C464}
As low as: 47.08
As low as: 18.78
MoMA USB desktop fan {M-FN118}
As low as: 11.22
Fish hotel {UB-FH4604}
As low as: 41.63
Fotoball photo frame - Silver {UB-F3120S}
As low as: 4.69
Fotofalls picture stand {UB-F3069}
As low as: 25.18
Ribbon clock {UB-C1187}
As low as: 48.60
On-The-Air Desktop Speaker and Microphone {1670-10}
As low as: 15.10

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